They know exactly how much profit their business is going to make this month; AND if they do a few simple things every day they know that next month they’ll make MORE profit than they did this month.

You see, your customers will typically pay you monthly by direct debit.

That means that our franchisees income stream is very dependable – and it grows each month as you bring on board more customers. This ‘residual’ income has huge value to you. Firstly, knowing that there’s £8,000 arriving in your bank account by direct debit on the 11th of the month say, is a great position to be in. It means that your income is not directly related to the work that you do each month.

4.Residual Income.jpg

And it keeps rolling in…

Several of our franchisees take the whole of August off, for instance, to be with their families during the Summer, yet their income doesn’t go down - even though they’re not at work.

The second benefit of residual income is that it gives real value to the business that you are building. A business with, say £10,000 of contracted monthly direct debit income will have significant value – in other words you are building a saleable asset.

Our top franchisees are earning big six figure incomes – and some of them are running franchises in quite small provincial towns. It’s not just the big cities that offer big potential with thebestof.


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